This is us

Maybe, if baby boomers wrote blogs back in the day, we’d have a better understanding of their weird behavior (OK Boomer). And so, we decided, representing your average millenial, to write about whatever the heck we want.

All of the unsolicited advice you may (n)ever need about the typical atypical millennial life. Whether it’s about finding yourself (we’ll be doing that forever probably), freaking out about age (been there, done that) or locking down an awesome job (work in progress)… we write about everything under the sun: media, ageing, careers, identity… whatever comes to mind, in whatever way we want, really.

Sarah Somayah Grasdijk

Bi-racial & expat-nomad (Egypt 2020) atypical typical millennial.

I hold an MA in Asian Studies and a minor in Journalism & New Media. I work as a (copy)writer and translator within the field of communications.

Minus all the formal stuff, I’m also a weightlifter, an artist, I live a semi-minimalist lifestyle, and I’ve been called a modern hippie (whatever that means).

They say failed journalists become copywriters. So I resorted to blogs.

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Li-Anne Krol

Adopted and an ex-expat who just returned to the Netherlands.

After studying Chinese in university, I moved to the country where I lived and worked for almost 5 years. From government to international business, I led the expat life.

My work’s in communication and education, because I’ve got that much knowledge to share.

I’m also an aspiring circus artist in my parents’ backyard and a casual blogger.

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